John Steinbeck Crap Museum. (Now with audio!)

UPDATE (AUGUST 18, 2012) This is the  single most viewed page on our website on a weekly basis since it was posted nearly four years ago.  Obviously this is due to the fact that there is no other website in the world chronicling the abomination that is the Steinbeck’s Spirit Of Monterey wax museum.

This got me thinking, we recorded every show, always.  Long before we started posting them all to the internet.   Thankfully, despite some rough, raw audio, Mr. Salamander was able to revive this episode and bring it to the people.  Without further adieu we have the show, as originally spoken on November 9th, 2008.  Click here to listen and enjoy!

– Hank

UPDATE: Turns out our traffic did, in fact, crash the Crap Museum’s website.  It was up when I posted the blog, but was gone while the show was on the air.  That’s what we here at Videodrome call victory.

Hello, Videodrome Assassin.  If you’re looking at this right now, there’s a good chance you are listening to the show right now, as well.  Congratulations.

This is the first guy you come to, before you enter Steinbeck’s Spirit of Monterey Wax Museum:

Where's his pipe?

He looks nifty, in a creepy way, and leads one to believe this place doesn’t completely suck.  Well, he’s about as deceptive as a wax fisherman can be.  Note the penny stretcher in the background.  It isn’t centered properly, so your pennies come out bad.  More foreshadowing…

You are taken on the most boring tour of the history of Monterey.  There are only three cool wax statues in the entire place.

Cool statue 1:

Johnny Knife

This is Johnny Knife.  He done die BAAAD things in Monterey.  Ask anybody!

Cool wax statue(s) #2:

Bear vs Bull

The people liked to gamble on animals fighting.  This is a regular old Bear vs Bull fight.  We can safely say we would spend most nights in Monterey were this still a regularly held event.

Cool statue #3:

[ Picture missing. ]

The rapist / killer who gets hunged.  He was even worse than Johnny Knife.  So bad, in fact, no photo could possibly capture his badness, so no attempt at photographing him was made.  The hanging is especially cool.

Now, understand, with the exception of the hung rapist, you have now seen all you need to see of the John Steinebeck Crap Museum.  Cost to you, a couple of minutes and no dollars.  Once again Videodrome takes one for the team.

All photos copyright World of Adventure Productions & Videodrome Radio.


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