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On tonight’s show:

Once again, BK took over Videodrome.  As a result, there was no movie review last night.  We promise this’ll never, ever happen again.  We’ve decided there’s gonna be a permanent cloture in place to prevent any further filibusters.  In spite of all this, there were some rather cool things discussed in great detail.  Such as:

CAX 13
Californa Extreme 2009 – The Classic Arcade Game and Pinball Convention

Death Race
Death Race – The coolest video game ever produced. “It’s fun chasing monsters.”  Human monsters.

Surreal Night
Todd Schorr: Surreal Night – Thursday, July 16th, 7pm, San Jose Museum of Art

On Martha's Vineyard
On Location….. On Martha’s Vineyard (the making of the movie Jaws) by Edith Blake

– Interesting Death of the Fortnight with B.K.: Karl Malden – legend; Robert McNamara – Vietnam war starter; Oscar Mayer – Weiner king

The Advantage
– Tonight’s score: The Advantage’s debut album

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