6/12/11: Videodrome After Dark

WARNING: This episode of Videodrome After Dark (recorded live at McGurk’s Suicide Hall, not KSCU) contains a cuss of the “sh-t” variety. It happens one time, and if you blink your ears, you’ll miss it.  Don’t listen near your father / mother / pastor, but especially not around your grandmama or grandpapa.

Click here to listen to this NSFW show that did not air on KSCU, is a podcast only,  and therefore violated no FCC regulations.

On tonight’s show:

The Tree of Life (2011)  Go here to sign up to get it on Amazon, and avoid any theatrical confrontations…

Super 8 (2011)  Go here to get it on Amazon, but definitely see it in the theater!

– Interesting Death of the Week with B.K.: Shrek – a sheep.

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