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Posted in Show Notes with tags , , , , , , , on January 14, 2012 by Hank

Click here to listen to the show.  KSCU was undergoing some maintenance so the recording isn’t the top-notch quality you’re used to, but we’ve learned to sally forth in the radio world.  Just pretend that you are listening to the show on an Edison Victrola, and it will all work out.

On tonight’s show:

A Dangerous Method (2011)   Get it here from Amazon.

The Iron Mask (1929)  Get the restored Kino edition we talked about here.

Design For Living (1933)  The Criterion Collection Blu-Ray.  Get it here.

– Interesting Death of the Week with B.K.: Frederica Maas – legendary unknown earl Hollywood screenwriter.  Author of The Shocking Miss Pilgrim: A Writer In Early Hollywood.